Professional Griller Box - Fullblood Wagyu

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Have the cookout that everyone will remember!  Be the envy of all of your neighbors and treat your friends to 100% Full Blood Wagyu that is hormone and antibiotic-free, rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6, and 30% less saturated fat than other meats! Our Professional Griller Box gives you everything you need to impress which includes:


8 lbs. Wagyu Ground Beef

(4 Pack) German Style Wagyu Bratwurst

(4 Pack) Mushroom and Swiss Wagyu Bratwurst

(4 Pack) Jalapeno and Cheddar Bratwurst

2 (3 - 1/3lb Patties Per Pack) Jalapeno and Cheddar Pre-Pattie Burgers 

2 (3 - 1/3lb Patties Per Pack) Cheddar Cheese Pre-Pattie Burgers 

2 (3 - 1/3lb Patties Per Pack) Mushroom and Swiss Pre-Pattie Burgers 

3 Italian Summer Sausage

3 Cheddar Cheese Wagyu Summer Sausage


The total price for this great selection of Wagyu beef retails for over $340.  You get all this for only $189.20 That is 45% OFF RETAIL!!!!!!!!

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