About Us

Traveling back and forth between the Lake of the Ozarks and Las Vegas, Tim craved the Wagyu beef offered in the city that you just couldn't find in the small town of Osage Beach, Missouri. He had raised cattle before, and his desire to have premium beef available in Central Missouri led him to purchase some Wagyu Cattle.

In 2016, the Lischwe family founded Hiroshi Ranch. Located in Kaiser, Missouri, this family farm is home to full blood Wagyu cattle being bred and raised to provide the Lake and surrounding areas with premium Wagyu beef. Tim, Kalise and their children all work together on the farm.

The cattle at Hiroshi Ranch are on a diet that includes organic cacao powder, flax seed oil, and pirella oil mixed with molasses. This mixture adds to the flavor of their meat, presenting a slight chocolate flavor. It's like nothing you've ever tasted before, and the meat just melts in your mouth!