Whole Beef Deposit

Whole Beef Deposit

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What is this:

If you are looking for our fullblood chocolate wagyu as a whole beef purchase, you've found yourself in the right place! This is a serious purchase and requires patience and commitment; I highly suggest you read every word of this product description before checking out with this in your cart.


Terms & Conditions:

We butcher 2 steers a month, every month. One of these steers is available for purchase as whole beef. By paying this deposit you are reserving the next available butchered steer for delivery and you will submit custom cutting instructions that will be provided to you via email. Make sure you fill out all personal information in checkout please, I will reach out to you as soon as I receive your deposit.


Once cut instructions are filled out on your end, you will send them to me via email at hiroshiranch1@outlook.com. This deposit is refundable until the steer is dropped off at the butcher with your personal cutting form. 


About our Cattle:

Our fullblood Japanese black wagyu herd is provided with unlimited access to a variety of nutritious feed including grain, hay, mineral, grass, and molasses or powdered sugar. We take pride in ensuring that our cattle are free from hormones and antibiotics.


Average steer take-home weights: 500lb

Price is $8000 for whole beef + delivery

Pickup options available at $7000

Full Payment is due when delivery process begins or at time of pickup



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